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UniDose by RescueDose and EC2 Unveiled at SNMI 2015

The SNMI 2015 show launched yesterday in Baltimore and our partners at EC2 unveiled our joint creation – the UniDose system.

The UniDose system is an automated solution for syringe filling in the nuclear pharmacy. With over 7,000 deaths per year occurring due to drug related medical errors and medical staff exposed to hazardous materials, we set out to change the way liquids are dispensed and dosed – from prescription to point of care.

Main Advantages of UniDose:

  • Precision
  • Accuracy
  • Tailor Made Solution
  • Safety first


Key Features of UniDose:

  • Full automation of the syringe filling process
  • Small size – Fully adjustable with any location of the dose calibrator
  • Vision Control
  • Allows dilution & refill
  • Allows for deoxygenation in a nitrogen tunnel
  • Reduced needles wear & tear
  • Can be integrated with various radiopharmacy hood structures
  • Several options adjusted to almost any work flow
  • Fully integrated with EC2 Software to provide a complete solution from prescription to point of care

UniDose will be available for sale to Nuclear pharmacies first and later on will be adapted to other medical fields such as: pediatric medicine, trauma care and any liquid substance dosing.