RescueDose has developed a compact, smart robot for automatic dispensing of liquid and powder medicines, the ChemiDose.

The ChemiDose robot is a ‘self-contained’ system that consists of all the components required to properly dispense medication solutions from vials to ready-to-use IV bags, drawn specifically per patient. The ChemiDose can handle up to 6 different vials of liquid and powder medication that will be mixed together and at the end of the process fill to the patient IV bag.

Key Features:

  • Full automation of the IV filling process.
  • Smart & Compact size fits within laminar chamber.
  • High throughput –cycle time from <20 sec (for 2 liquid vials)
  • Supports a variety of syringes, vials and IV bags.
  • Support liquid medication and powder medication
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Compounding accuracy < 1%
  • Safety above all- no leak or drop during dispensing process.
  • User friendly system
  • Smart intuitive GUI
  • Reliable system that easy to maintain and service.
  • Auto disposable process
  • Auto detection disposable tray is full
  • Auto calibration of the needle position
  • Hospital DB connectivity
  • Preparation DB
  • Statistic report option
  • Emergency button
  • Many attractive Options are available:
    • Volume adjusts
    • Concentration adjusts
    • Preset for special medication
    • Variety of powder mixing process
    • Smart error handling
    • Prefill syringe option
    • Different vibration mode
    • Bar code /RFID integration option

System Dimensions: